Summer cleaning at CWSRestart

As you might have noticed, things on this website have changed a little bit. I decided to move to a static blog system, called Jekyll. Hand in hand with the transfer to Jekyll, I decided it was time to clean up the page a little bit. I created a new template using the CSS framework Foundation. It doesn’t look really unique, but I think it is sufficient for now. Jekyll allows me, to manage content more easily. The page itself is still hosted via the awesome GitHub Pages, and as a result, you can view the whole page structure on it’s own GitHub branch.

Once I’ve got everything moved over the new system should make communicating way easier than before. The old system consisted of static HTML pages. Everytime I changed for instance the menu, I had to change every other page as well. With Jekyll things are way easier. Everything is structured into files and I can use layouts and includes. I can create News in just a few minutes, so you can expect some more detailed posts and changelogs in the future.

You also may notice the comment section below, another way to get in touch with me and other CWSRestart users.

The new setup is also suited for multiple authors. Just in case someone wants to jump in on the project. I guess I’d have to change my messy commit style then, though.

So, what do you guys think. Do you like the new page? Are you missing features? Do you like the design? Let me know below!

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