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CWSRestart can help you manage your CubeWorld server. It can detect crashes and hang-ups of your server. At it’s core, CWSRestart is designed as a lightweight, powerful and customizable tool. It is expandable via modules, such as CWSWeb, which offers a remote web interface for your server.

This tool has been tested on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012. CWSRestart requires the .NET Framework version 4.5 to run.

Changes in the upcoming version 24 August 2013

Yesterday I uploaded an alpha built of the upcoming version 0.9.0. You can find it over at GitHub, in case you’re interested.

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Premium slots 21 August 2013

There is something I forgot to add into the recent development update: I’m currently working on premium slots. Premium slots are a limited number of slots, that is reserved to a special set of players. These players will need to authenticate and can then join your server, even if... Read more

What's next? 19 August 2013

I have to admit. I didn’t really post much stuff in the last days in the CWSRestart topic. So here is the current development status:

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CWSRestart is open source and released under the GPLv3. Feel free to redistribute it, modify it and use it as you wish. You don’t even need to provide a link back to this page. But if you like this tool, I’d appreciate if you spread the word that this little tool exists.

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CWSRestart is build with performance in mind. The CPU and Memory footprints are very low. In it fullest configuration, CWSRestart will use around 40MB of your RAM. The CPU usage will usually sit at 0%. When checks are performed this value might rise for a short time, but it tends to stay well under 5%.


CWSRestart is proven to be stable with internal error handling. It can easily run for hundreds of hours without leaking memory or crashing.

Multiple checks

CWSRestart can check your server on multiple levels. It can validate if the server process is still running. In addition, CWSRestart can connect to the server and make sure that it is still responding to requests.

Independant of your server version & highly configurable

CWSRestart does not hook into the server, it only uses server independant functions. This means, that you can modify the server.exe as you wish. Every check that is performed by CWSRestart can be tuned via custom settings.

Access control

CWSRestart can help you to control access to your server. You can kick players and enforce whitelists/blacklists. You can even target full IP ranges.


Do you want to know who is online or how much memory your server used? CWSRestart can store statistics in a SQLite database. These statistics can ‐ of course ‐ be read by other programs.


CWSRestart has a modular architecture and can be expanded with additional software. Do you want a web interface to remotely manage your server? CWSWeb has you covered. Do you want to see playernames? Just get CubeWorldMITM.

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  • Your server?

    Are you running a server with CWSRestart? Just contact me, and I'll add it here as well.