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03 Feb 2018,

Anki uses a SQLite database to keep track of your reviews and cards. I always wanted to use R to create some graphs and visualize my learning process. Here is some code, to get you started as well!

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20 Dec 2017,

Tired of copying and pasting various CSS snippets across multiple cards? By using the CSS @include, you can share the same CSS file across multiple cards.

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30 Oct 2016,

You’ll most likely have a general idea of a “pixel”. But what happens to a pixel when we try to scale up a complete image? Do we get a big pixel? And what size does a pixel have? We will have a basic look and try to get a more accurate idea of pixels. We will also learn, that some manipulations are required in order to magnify or rotate pictures.

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09 Oct 2016,

Have you ever seen a dialog, asking you for a bit depth when saving an image? Here we will take a short stroll into the storage of image information and see, how a computer needs to transform information in order to store it on disc. We will talk about artifacts and problems that could arise, if no appropriate bit depth is chosen. Finally, we will check out histograms to assess the quality of an image.

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05 Oct 2016,

Often times you are interested in features of a certain color. We will look at how to extract the different aspects of color models in ImageJ and see how we can use the Color Threshold option to select features based on their visual appearance.

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