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28 Apr 2018,

Ever wondered how you can add a hint in Anki, for the time when you just can’t remember an answer? It’s rather simple with some basic CSS and JavaScript

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18 Apr 2018,

Anki 2.1 is the upcoming version of the popular spaced repetition software. If you want to write plugins, you might want to have the option to run Anki 2.1 from source for debugging purposes. Here I will outline, how I set up my system to build and run Anki from source.

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17 Feb 2018,

You can style your cards in Anki with CSS, that’s nothing new. But we can also use some not so obvious CSS to add visual cues to help us remember stuff on our cards.

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13 Feb 2018,

VSCode has become a powerful editor for Python. Here I share my setup, to develop Anki addons using VSCode.

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03 Feb 2018,

Anki uses a SQLite database to keep track of your reviews and cards. I always wanted to use R to create some graphs and visualize my learning process. Here is some code, to get you started as well!

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