about me

Throughout my youth, I’ve always had a keen interest in computer sciences and technology. Starting with basic markup, I started creating basic websites early on. This lead me to “real” languages not much later. After trying to pick up C++ as a client side language, I soon returned to web. With some friends we decided to take out schools parent conference day registration to the web. During the years I became proficient in web and worked on numerous side projects and small proof-of-concepts.

As a technology geek I always try to automate… This caused me to pick up and fiddle with some more languages. If I had to guess my most proficient language, I would chose C#, where I have a broad perspective on language specific features, the common architectures and the use on desktop, mobile and server.

After picking up my medical studies, the time for programming as a hobby remained sparse. It was when I started on my thesis, that computer science resurfaced in my life. Being confronted with the task of automating image analysis in light microscopy, I got my feet wet with image analysis. For statistics I picked up skills in R and the visualization library ggplot2. I learned to love statistics, data and the challenges of high quality image analysis — aspects that are often times not appreciated enough.