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My collection of medical calculators and checklists -

With my graduation last year, I’ve started a page, to create a tidied collection of my current notes. As with my personal page, it is based on Hugo, which I find a bit more flexible to work with in comparison to Jekyll. If you’re interested in the technical stuff, this post is for you!

I’ve now been working for over 1,5 years as a doctor… Well, it’s still a bit weird to say it like that. But with practicing, I’ve become a less regular user of Anki. Depending on schedule, it’s difficult to finish your cards every day. Since I’ve started working, I’ve always carried a small notebook with me. In there, I scribble down small things throughout the day. In the evenings or on the weekend, I clean them up and put them in a Word document.

The document has grown into a remarkable size. However, there is one catch: accessing it is not always easy. At work, I could open it on my cellphone, but the structure is not that useful on a small device. This is why I decided to move notes, lists and formulas to a small webpage. It even contains a few calculators, which I found useful or interesting in everyday work.

I’ve never been really creative with names, so I just took the first domain that came to mind (and that wasn’t taken), and put the stuff up on which is a conjunction of medical checklist.

Technical aspects

The site itsels is built with Hugo. With new projects, I try to incorporate a few things for me to learn. I was already a bit familiar with Hugo, but this time I wanted to start from the ground up. Starting with the naked tailwind based theme from @dirkolbrich, I’ve modified slightly and added bilangual support.

Thanks to the new GitHub Actions, there is now an action to build a Hugo page, without relying on third party services.

The page itself is hosted on GitHub pages, and the code-behind-repository is publicly available via @ChrisK91/Checklists.

There are a few calculators, which are based on Vue.js (since I don’t really know about the new js stuff). But they work, and that’s enough for me. The site itself is fully static, since I wanted to package it as a web app, so it works without internet connectivity. But so far I didn’t have too much luck with that… Especially offline caching makes this difficult.

If you’re interested in the new page, head over to, and have a look around. I’m looking forward to see you there!