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12 Aug 2021,

With my graduation last year, I’ve started a page, to create a tidied collection of my current notes. As with my personal page, it is based on Hugo, which I find a bit more flexible to work with in comparison to Jekyll. If you’re interested in the technical stuff, this post is for you!

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20 Feb 2020,

With my adventures into landscape photography, I’ve created a second homepage for my new hobby. Here are some technical aspects about the site, which you can find at

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05 Apr 2019,

I recently got a new Canon camera, and was missing a simple app to transfer files to my Windows 10 devices. So I created one!

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05 Oct 2018,

I’ve created a small webapp to visualize, how the angle of the main electrical axis influences the three main leads I, II and III.

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28 Sep 2018,

Anki utilizes HTML in its template engine. HTML is quite easy to pick up, and a basic understanding will get you started in improving your Anki templates right away!

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